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Predictive Intelligence

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Predictive Intelligence

Key Benefits

  • Operational Excellence - Lowers Cost

  • Increased Marketing Effectiveness - Increases Sales

  • Improved Margins - Profitable Growth

Predictive Intelligence evolved from Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence focuses on reporting 'What Happened'. While Business Intelligence has been successfully used for historical reporting, the spreadsheet remains the most popular analysis tool. Analysis differs from reporting because users interact with the data, adding knowledge and evaluating scenarios through "what if?" modeling. Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tool for this analysis. Predictive Intelligence takes the best of the spreadsheets intuitiveness for modeling different scenarios. Predictive Intelligence allows users to change, modify and add data and focus not only on predicting the future but also evaluating ways to improve performance.

e.Intelligence moves data from read-only databases to shared and private workspaces that support interactive analysis as well as the integration of new information generated by the application and the user.

Predictive Intelligence is an important step forward from business intelligence. Predictive Intelligence combines robust database access capabilities with forward-looking analysis and planning tools.


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