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Predictive Intelligence

Application Hosting

Application Hosting

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Retailers and manufacturers share responsibility for planning and executing programs with the goal of increasing demand. Retailers and manufacturers also have distinct analysis and planning requirements that require secure independent analysis. Retailers and manufactures have worked together to develop the CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment) Guideline. But CPFR focuses on collaboration as though collaboration is 100% of the application requirements. Realistically collaboration is the 10% overlap. 90% of the application requirements relate to the planning and analysis needs before, during and after collaboration. These analysis requirements are different for retailers and manufacturers

e.Intelligence delivers collaborative demand planning - building a stronger link between retailers and manufacturers - to generate demand and improve demand chain operations; increasing revenue and margin. Recognizing that collaboration is the overlap of largely independent planning efforts of retailers and manufacturers, e.Intelligence focuses on meeting the independent analysis needs on both sides in addition to supporting information sharing between retailer and manufacturer.

e.Intelligence provides Predictive Intelligence as a managed service to retailers and manufacturers, to ensure that collaborative demand planning is backed by a secure, neutral, and trusted third-party. e.Intelligence facilitates collaboration but more importantly supports the analysis for promotion event planning, category planning, assortment planning and the successful execution of these plans.





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