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The e.Intelligence suite was designed to enable all members of the demand chain to actively participate in the demand planning process...

e.Intelligence Suite Benefits

Improve your knowledge of market demand. Produce the "right" amount to maximize return on effort. Enable demand chain partners to create collaborative environments and predict future market demand intelligently...

e.Intelligence Suite Features

Gain visibility into market demand. Produce to maximize return on effort. Enable demand chain partners to create collaborative environments, and predict future market demand intelligently...

Product Components

The e.Intelligence Suite delivers the power of Predictive Intelligence through three core components...


At e.Intelligence, our services are an important element in delivering satisfaction to innovative companies like yours. You can maximize your investment and further improve your ROI by taking advantage of our service offerings. ...


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The e.Intelligence Suite is an analytical solution for demand chain management built on the data warehouse that helps organizations better understand and predict market demand.

By providing visibility into future demand, the solution helps organizations optimize resources to meet that demand in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. e.Intelligence goes beyond reporting "What was" and "What is" to analyzing "What if" This forward-looking, bottom-up approach to demand planning is what we call Predictive Intelligence.

How does e.Intelligence facilitate Demand Visibility?

Today, organizations large and small focus money and energy on providing accurate financial and operational visibility. The financial planning process, a combination of top-down directives and bottom up budgeting, establishes the business goals against which performance is measured.

Operational visibility focuses on manufacturing, logistics, procurement and inventories, with the goal of optimizing operational and supply chain efficiencies. However, accurate operational forecasts require precise and timely demand estimates. Incremental improvements in the accuracy of the demand plan can have exponential impact on the efficiency of the financial and supply chain forecasts. Lack of an accurate demand forecast can have severe implications on the financial and operational planning and visibility leading to missed estimates, inventory write-downs and loss of market capitalization.

Demand chain visibility focuses on understanding what's selling and why by measuring actual performance against a forecast or plan. It also allows organizations to continuously modify the plan in the face of ever-changing market conditions and competitive positions. Until now, two hurdles made demand visibility nearly impossible: the amount of data required, often at the lowest product and account level, and the large number of users that are involved in the planning process.

e.Intelligence provides organizations with a critical corporate advantage - the ability to turn insight about demand into action. Traditional demand forecasting processes involve taking historical reports and trying to guess how much the future will resemble the past. In some cases, current status is not even taken into account. The downfalls of these methods are many:

  • Data is often only at a summary level

  • There is rarely information about what the plan was, only the actual or historical results

  • When conditions change, demand forecasts are rarely updated

  • Forecasts are often made by those in the organization who do not have close contact with customers

The Predictive Intelligence capabilities of e.Intelligence overcome these pitfalls. e.Intelligence provides tools that allow the user to project "What if" scenarios. By developing iterative plans and collaborating with other authorized users, scenarios deemed most likely to achieve organizational goals emerge, rather than just knowledge about "What was". Those closest to the customers or demand sources can quickly and easily enter new and updated demand information.

The intuitive and web-based e.Intelligence interface provides a spreadsheet-like format that allows information to be entered at any level. When a change is made anywhere in the process, e.Intelligence can then aggregate data and publish the new information to products, regions and company totals. Authorized parties are automatically notified via interactive alerts and they can view, change or approve the new plan. This real-time, iterative approach provides the basis for true collaborative planning. Once the plan is approved, it can update operational and/or transactional systems.

The e.Intelligence Suite

The e.Intelligence Suite delivers the power of Predictive Intelligence, allowing companies to go beyond the "What was" and "What is" to make timely "What if" performance assessments. We enable forward-looking analysis of actions that may impact both short-term and long-term performance targets.

The e.Intelligence Suite consists of these core components:

  • e.Collaborator - Information exchange

  • e.Modeler - Predictive analysis

  • e.Administrator - Process integration

Information Exchange
e.Collaborator supports the reporting, analysis, and exchange of information that originates from your data warehouse. e.Collaborator supports dynamic, real-time, read/write and adjust functionality anywhere in your business hierarchy. The results of collaboration, in the form of business plans, are written to the data warehouse and are available to your entire enterprise.

Predictive Analysis
e.Modeler provides an unbiased prediction, based on statistical models, to serve as the stimulus for collaboration. e.Modeler links SPSS's industry-leading statistical analysis capabilities to the data warehouse and offers both time-series statistical analysis and data mining tools that can be used for predictive analysis.

Process Integration
e.Administrator manages business process integration and handles security, reporting, user notification (triggers and alerts), and metadata links for the data warehouse.

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