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e.Intelligence Suite Benefits

Improve your knowledge of market demand. Produce the "right" amount to maximize return on effort. Enable demand chain partners to create collaborative environments and predict future market demand intelligently...

e.Intelligence Suite Features

Gain visibility into market demand. Produce to maximize return on effort. Enable demand chain partners to create collaborative environments, and predict future market demand intelligently...

Product Components

The e.Intelligence Suite delivers the power of Predictive Intelligence through three core components...


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The e.Intelligence suite was designed to enable all members of the demand chain to actively participate in the demand planning process.

Leveraging the Data Warehouse
Organizations have numerous source and operational systems such as inventory, manufacturing, product distribution, pricing, enterprise resource planning and human resources. On a regular basis, key data is loaded to the enterprise data warehouse. This serves as the central, consolidated repository for enterprise-wide data. The e.Intelligence suite leverages the data warehouse as a central collaborative hub by enabling iterative “What if” analysis to be added and continuously updated to the data warehouse. Therefore, individuals throughout the organization accessing data from the data warehouse use the most current information to form accurate demand predictions.

Marketechture Diagram

High Performance Cache
The e.Intelligence server sits between the data warehouse and the user constituencies. The server creates a personal cache or a workgroup cache, for both external and internal users. (A cache is created by accessing data from the warehouse to run "What if" scenarios or explore data that would aid in demand planning.) "What if" scenarios show users the impact all changes have throughout the organization from the corporate level to individual product SKUs, by region and by customer. The high-performance cache contains a full audit trail tracking every change by user.

Proactive Alerts
Users receive alerts notifying them of any relevant changes. They can either access the cache directly through an email link, or download a static HTML page with spreadsheet-like functionality. Those individuals can then make recommended changes to the demand plan.

e.Intelligence supports various levels of security – individual, internal workgroups, external workgroups and enterprise levels. The server contains business rules that ensure the right people have access to the appropriate data. The metadata layer organizes the enterprise data warehouse into logical business hierarchies and metrics as well as manages the security. In addition, the server leverages database, LDAP and UNIX security.

Ongoing Demand Visibility
Only e.Intelligence enables changes to be added and updated to the data warehouse. This is very important in the demand planning process because it continually updates plans that can affect the entire organization. The data warehouse typically houses the historical or "What was" information. e.Intelligence enables up-to-date demand information to be added to the data warehouse. It is the critically important bridge between "What was" reporting, "What if" analysis and "What next" planning.

Demand planning is not a single event, although many companies treat it as such. e.Intelligence changes the demand planning process from a static, one-time event to an ongoing, integral part of daily business operations.

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