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Industry Reviews

Here's what the industry is saying about e.Intelligence and Predictive Intelligence technology:

AMR Research

"e.Intelligence is an attractive partner for ... revenue management, planning, and promotion management looking for advanced data warehouse-based analytics.


e.Intelligence is the first to realize that effective demand planning requires collaboration and analysis. e.Intelligence enables retailers and manufacturers to conduct their own independent analysis prior to collaborating on their demand and associated order forecasts. The unique approach in being a neutral third party enabling collaborative demand planning is an effective approach that will drive optimal performance in the supply chain.

IDC - Analyze the Future

""e.Intelligence addresses the need for collaborative demand planning with a unique combination of extensive data warehousing-based application experience, predictive modeling technology, and vertical expertise. The imperative to optimize…creates a need for the type of applications featured in the e.Intelligence Suite."

First Analysis

"e.Intelligence represents the next generation of business intelligence applications with the data warehouse as the foundation for collaboration and "what-if" type analysis in the demand planning process. We believe the problem e.Intelligence is addressing is inherently complex and a high priority among companies in the consumer goods and retail industries."

The Data Warehousing Institute (tm)

"e.Intelligence is an exciting new product because it focuses on providing predictive intelligence, complementing a company's existing suite of business analytics tools."

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